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Posted on: December 31, 2018

Massage & Hydrotherapy 600 Hour Course

A New Beginning as a Massage Therapist 

It is time to start the new year off with a bang. Anyone who is looking for a positive career move should consider becoming a licensed massage therapist. It is one of the largest growing fields within the health profession. 


The right massage and hydrotherapy program should be all-inclusive. It is important for a massage student to learn a wide range of techniques and be well versed in Anatomy and Physiology. Hydrotherapy is a great addition to any massage therapy program. 


Hydrotherapy uses water to help people heal faster and feel better. This type of therapy mixes well with massage therapy and is taught in conjunction with it. The more a student learns, the better chance they have to succeed. 

Classes Begin 

Space Coast Education Center is offering students the chance to attend classes day or night. People oftentimes have to work around their schedules. They may have a job or a family to attend to. It is possible to make the dream of becoming a licensed massage therapist come true even with scheduling restrictions. You can do full-time or part-time courses with Space Coast Education Center. Their 2019 classes are starting on February 25th with an open house on the 20th. 


Students enrolled in the Space Coast Education Center program are prepped for the Florida State Board Exam and are versed in Florida Massage Law. This course is advanced and centers around medical massage training. The faculty goes the extra mile to make sure that all the students are well educated. 


The comprehensive classes include business studies. This is necessary when running a day spa or just managing finances. You can start a new career in just 6 months with the help of the Space Coast Education Center. Now is the time to make a change and it all begins with Space Coast Education Center.

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