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What do I wear if I am receiving a Student Massage?

All clients disrobe to their level of comfort.

What do I wear if I am receiving a Facial Service?

All clients are given spa wraps so that they are comfortable while receiving their treatments.


Our massage and skin care school hold fast to a hands-on learning approach by performing services for the general public, known as “student clinics.” Such services include but are not limited to relaxation massage, facials, waxing, and brow/lash tinting.

Student clinics are a vital part of the learning experience.  This helps them to gain practical knowledge and to perform the clinic hours necessary to meet state requirements for licensure. The student clinics allow them to exercise their techniques, acquire the skill of client interaction, and develop their professional skills while under the supervision of a licensed service provider.

Student client’s experience a realm of relaxation from the moment they walk through the door with our massage clinics strategically located in the west wing of our day spa; giving both the student and the client a taste of a professional spa environment. Our skin care clients are taken to our private learning facility positioned on the rear side of our 10,000 sq. ft. building.

We provide a peaceful place for our students, graduates, and instructors to help heal our community by using their sense of touch to offer clients relief from ailments such as painful muscle aches to acne, aging, and unwanted hair removal. Clinics are performed in an open classroom setting; lights are dimmed and soft music plays while the relaxation ensues; giving the students an understanding of working in a peaceful spa-like environment. 

Student clinic availability varies based on the classroom learning schedule, as well as holidays and class breaks.  A one-hour session consists time for consulting, dressing and 50-minutes of hands on.

Please note that this is a learning environment and an open room. We do our best to ensure full service time is given to hands on and to keep our room as quite as possible but we cannot guarantee the room will be free of talking and that student timing is precise.

NOTE:  For those who would like the experienced expertise for specific bodywork modality, we recommend they schedule an appointment with one of our licensed massage therapist professionals at our day spa; Space Coast Massage & Spa (321) 729-9000. (MM3853)