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WELCOME… and thank you for your interest in Space Coast Education Center. The staff and faculty share your thirst for knowledge, valiant effort to seek a new path, and desire for professional and personal growth. Our programs of study have been created from our commitment to establish high standards of quality, ethical education and career development. Our primary goal is to prepare you to pass the licensing exams. Our commitment is to assist you in your future endeavors. We look forward to a warm and lasting relationship.Space Coast Education Center was established by Jody Stork in 1991. Jody is the former team therapist for the Florida Marlins, and was on staff during their World Series win. Jody was also the personal massage therapist for Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins. Jody has created a program which combines the anatomy and physiology instruction needed to be successful, and a thorough "hands on" approach to massage therapy. Jody Stork (Director)

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