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Board of Directors

Richard R. Stork, President

Jody A. Stork, Director, Vice President, LMT, NMT, NCTMB

Administration Staff

Deborah A. Normyle, Business Manager

Krystofer Otwell, Assistant Director

Kim Harvey, Student Services

Madalyn Anderson, Student Services


Benita Jameson, Full Specialist

University of Central Florida, B.A., Nursing; Flying Emeryboard Academy, Full Specialist.
Course(s) Taught: Basic Facial and Makeup Specialist Program.

Ronald McKendree, L.M.T.

University of Florida, B.S., Mechanical Engineering; L.M.T., Space Coast Education Center; American Council of Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer. 
Course(s) Taught: Anatomy & Physiology, Massage & Hydrotherapy. Modalities: Basic Massage and Hydrotherapy Program, Massage and Hydrotherapy 600-hour Program, Massage and Hydrotherapy 800-hour Program, Sports Internship Program. 

Caitlin Lopez, L.M.T.

Space Coast Education Center; LMT
Course(s) Taught: Massage and Hydrotherapy. Modalities: Basic Massage & Hydrotherapy, Massage & Hydrotherapy 600-hour, Massage & Hydrotherapy 800-hour.