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Posted on: March 27, 2019

Your Clients Deserve Good Customer Service

Whatever industry you may work it, excellent customer service is not only necessary for sales. Treating your customers properly is important for customer satisfaction as it ensures that your customers will return. To be respectful and courteous to your clients if you are an esthetician, nail tech, licensed massage therapist, or give spa treatments in any spa related jobs simply means that you do your job to fulfill the satisfaction of the person you are working for. 

Most people who go to get spa treatments and services of the sort expect a relaxing and rejuvenating experience as there are therapeutic effects of getting a massage or pampered after a long day. These kinds of services are meant to help the client unwind and decompress from any stresses they went in with. So, it's good to show compassion and empathy for your clients. When providing a service, workers should not forget the importance of serving where a humanitarian approach proves to contribute to the pleasure of your client's experience. 

There are many ways that you can go the extra mile for your customer. It's one thing to just do the service you are being paid to do and it's another thing to be passionate during your work. Try to do everything with intent and create an environment that surpasses your client's expectations. You can integrate this into your decor by making the work environment more welcoming and comfortable. If you do massage therapy, massage therapy customer service can consist of simply giving your client some relaxing music or you can engage in conversation with the customer. There are various ways you can express your gratitude towards your clients. The following are just a few tips on providing good customer service. 

  • Show respect

  • Ask for feedback

  • Be responsive 

  • Anticipate the customer's needs 

  • Surpass the customer's expectations

  • Show appreciation to clientele 

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