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Posted on: September 3, 2015

You Will Be Surprised!

It’s no secret that when people age, there are numerous health and beauty concerns. However, the way that someone ages and the effects might depend on their gender. Men and women age slightly different than each other.

A great example showing the difference that men and women age is with skin. Women are more vulnerable to skin complications and physical appearance issues as they age. For many women, their skin thins out after they reach menopause. For example, women begin to loose collagen at a higher rate once they complete menopause. While men do experience some skin deterioration, it happens at a slower rate. This is partially because testosterone helps make a man’s skin thicker and their sweat acts as natural moisture to help the skin.

An even deeper example includes dark circles under eyes. There are many reasons for dark circles under the eyes, including poor lifestyle choices like lack of sleep and smoking. However, there are also heredity factors. Since women have thinner skin, the blood vessels under their eyes become more noticeable. This problem can also occur to mean who experience some collagen los. Good skin cares, including creams, are available to help. An Esthetician can help provide information about medical procedures as well.

Hair loss is another aging difference between the genders. While some women do experience hair loss, a majority of men will lose some of their hair by age 50. In addition, bone loss is another aging difference. Men’s testosterone helps keep stronger bones. After menopause, some women experience osteoporosis and this will result in weaker bones.

Both men and women age in their own unique ways, and proper beauty care can always help.

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