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Posted on: January 25, 2012

Once you have graduated from an esthetician school, the possibilities seem endless.  Where will you work and what will your career choice be?  One option is to work as a make-up artist in a department store at a make-up counter.

Working in a department store as a make-up artist is a great career choice if you love doing people’s make-up, deciding what colors work best for them and selling product.  People who want to buy new make-up or experiment with a new look will often go into one of the make-up counters in a department store and have the make-up artist there do a free trail.  The make-up artist must be skilled enough in his/her craft and be able to determine the perfect color palate for the look the client desires.  Once the look is achieved, the make-up artist must be able to make recommendations as to what products the client should buy and explain how to use them.  This type of make-up artist must also be a good sale person.  Getting the clients to buy as many products as possible is an important part of their job.

If you are interested in becoming a make- up artist, contact Space Coast Health Institute at 321-308-8000 to find out more about their program.

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