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Posted on: October 11, 2015

Wiring a Happier Mind

Positive Power


Negative draws negative, whether it is energy or attitude. When your thoughts and feelings always have a negative turn, more negative things will happen. It is very easy to get caught up in having negative feelings and thoughts, especially when things start going sideways. Bad things happen, or even just inconveniences, and can put us in a very negative frame of mind. Everyone has negative thoughts from time to time, the only difference is how you deal with it. Creating happiness habits will bring positive attitudes back to your life.


The best way to begin is to learn to recognize when you are drawing negative energy. Family members will usually point that out to you, but if they do not, be aware of how your frame of mind is affecting your attitude. When you realize that you are being a pill, stop yourself. Ask yourself, why am I acting or feeling this way? What is the real problem? Once you have determined that you are being too negative, act on it. When you make smiling a habit instead of frowning you invite others to smile with you, increasing the positive energy around you. The first step to happier thoughts is to smile, even when you really do not feel like smiling.


You need to understand that this is not something that will simply happen overnight, especially if you have been negative for years. In the beginning, you will have to remind yourself to smile and to think happy thoughts. Eventually, it will be as natural as breathing, but keep in mind that too much unaddressed stress in your life will impede your progress. An excellent way to relieve stress is with massage therapy, although it is certainly not the only way. Aromatherapy and meditation are also beneficial for life's everyday stresses.

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