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Posted on: December 22, 2015

Winter Skin Care

Winter can be extremely harsh on the skin. For many people, the frigid and dry days of winter bring uncomfortable cracks and dryness to the face, legs, hands, and feet. This often creates a tight, dry feeling that can result in flaking, cracking, and bleeding. Great skin care is important during the winter to prevent this discomfort.


A skin care routine should be altered in the winter because of the harsh air conditions. Skin care products that work fine in spring and summer may not be appropriate for the winter. Finding a wintertime skin care routine that includes an ointment moisturizer that has an oil base will create a layer of protection on the skin that helps to keep moisture in better than a typical cream or lotion.


Sunscreen isn't just for summer. The winter sun in combination with snow glare can really still damage skin. Applying at least a 30 SPF of a broad-spectrum sunscreen about 30 minutes before sun exposure is important for a wintertime skincare routine. Reapply as necessary.

Pay Attention to Hands

The skin on hands is thinner than other skin on the body, and it also has fewer oil glands. This results in dry hands because they are difficult to keep lubricated naturally. This leads to itchiness, cracking, and bleeding. Wearing gloves outside can add an extra layer of protection to hands so they do not come in direct contact with cold air that can dry them out.

Use a Humidifier

Air heaters like central heating systems blast hot dry air through homes and offices. Humidifiers are able to add moisture back in the air, preventing skin from drying out. Using humidifiers around the home help disperse the moisture in the air more evenly.

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