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Posted on: September 8, 2016

Why We Get Those Dark Circles Under The Eyes!

Those unsightly dark circles under the eyes have various causes. Mayo Clinic comments on the causes of dark circles under the eyes to include some that might be seen as innocuous or unavoidable, such as rubbing and scratching at the eyes, heredity, excessive sun, and fatigue. Other medical authorities list as reasons for dark circles under the eyes as including aging, resulting in thinning of the skin under the eyes, water retention, allergies, and dermatitis. An esthetician might stress that poor skin care plays a part.


Dark circles are known to medical professionals as periorbital dark circles and diagnosis and treatment have been extensively considered and evaluated in the medical press. In the end, the conclusion by medical professionals is that there really are no consistently effective preventive or remedial measures that can be applied by medical providers. Dark circles are regarded as unavoidable and more worthy of consideration from a cosmetic perspective. Instead, the esthetician is expected to devote his or her attention to the reasons for dark circles under the eyes.


From a skin care perspective, causes of dark circles are determined with the hope that they can be limited or eliminated through cosmetic treatment. Lack of sleep, poor diet, and excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol are often blamed as causes, with dark circles being the result. Behavior change may be needed to prevent those causes altogether, but many cosmetic treatments are offered to overcome the unavoidable cosmetic consequences. Seemingly all of the major skin care brands offer various dark circle treatments, and many reviews are available online. Users take a chance on products, some of which no doubt are more effective than others.


Dark circles seem to be an unavoidable consequence of ordinary day to day life. As we live, we must age, and as we age, our skin shows the effects of aging, one of which is dark circles. Fatigue is probably unavoidable too, in our workaday world, but to the extent possible, everyone should try to gain sufficient rest. Hereditary causes, of course, are inescapable, but there is at least hope that cosmetic treatments will offer some relief. Understanding the causes of dark circles is probably worthwhile since the effectiveness of treatments may depend on the underlying cause.

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