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Posted on: November 20, 2017

Why Someone Would be Sore After a Massage

Going to a day spa should not be a painful experience, but some people find that they are sore a day or two after getting a message. More often than not, after massage therapy, some people will find that they are sore. While many people find this post-massage soreness to be enjoyable, others find the pain a little uncomfortable. Depending on your body, you may experience more varied levels of pain. The amount of soreness felt during and after a massage really depends on your body's tolerance for pain, as well as the condition of your body. 

Putting on the Pressure

Treatments like the deep tissue massage are designed to open up your muscles and make the body sore. While massage therapy is incredibly relaxing, part of the process involves intense pressure. Depending on the level of this pressure during the massage, your body may respond by tensing up and causing you to feel pain. This is why a health and wellness professional should always communicate with their clients before, during, and after their massage therapy. The massage therapist should always be alerted if you are in pain during your spa treatments. 

Preparing Your Body

Before going into a health and wellness day spa for a massage, it is incredibly beneficial to warm up the muscles to make them easier to massage. This can be done through daily stretching and exercise. Additionally, it is recommended to be properly hydrated and comfortable the day of your massage. If you find that you are still sore several days after your spa treatments, you may need to consult a medical professional. Typically, any tenderness and soreness you feel after a massage will quickly go away a few hours or days after the therapy.

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