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Posted on: November 22, 2017

Why Massage Can Benefit Children

We usually associate massage therapy with adults and do not always hear about the many reasons children can benefit from massage. There are many health benefits of massages for both adults and children.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Children experience anxiety and stress just as adults do. Massages are associated with many factors of stress relief. These include reducing levels of stress hormones and increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine. These are associated with feelings of relaxation and happiness. Check to see if the massage therapists at your local day spa have experience working with children.

Cognitive Development Stimulation

Massages have been shown improve general brain functions in children in many ways, including bringing up levels of alertness.

Massage Therapy for Illnesses

Massage has been recommended for children suffering from asthma, diabetes, and many skin issues. That is because massage can decrease pain levels, reduce stress, and most importantly, boost the immune system. This is very important for kids who are fighting diseases and need all the help their immune system can give. 

Weight Gain For Infants

Many newborn babies have trouble putting on weight. Gaining weight is important for brain and organ development, so doctors really like to promote this for premature newborns especially. It has been shown that newborns who receive light massage and touch gain weight faster than those that do not.

Better Behavior

Massage lowers behavior issues in many children. Children with behavioral problems benefit from the feelings of happiness, relaxation, and the increased sense of calm associated with getting massages. 

Children can benefit from massage in many ways. Almost all of the health benefits adults stand to gain are benefits that children can gain as well. Make an appointment at your local day spa soon!

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