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Posted on: July 30, 2018

Why it's Important to be Part of the Alumni

A school's alumni association is not just a social organization, it can be an important tool for professional and career growth. An organization of former students can work to keep school graduates in contact with each other. Alumni associations help to keep former students informed of the events going on at the school as well as the professional and personal growth of other former students. Members help plan events, recruit students, create newsletters and support other members. 

An organization of graduates can help former students to find work in their chosen field. For example, a massage therapy student can obtain information from a former student who has become a licensed massage therapist to find current openings at day spas and other employers where past graduates may be working. Former students can be a useful resource for career advice for new graduates and other former students. 

Graduates who are working in a day spa and who are wanting to expand their skills into becoming a licensed skincare and makeup specialist can network with other graduates to learn more about the work and training requirements. Graduates can also use the organization to work with the school to determine current class offerings or to obtain transcripts for enrollment at another school. Former students can also learn new skills such as the latest spa treatments from other areas of the country. 

Most alumni associations hold regular events throughout the year near the school and in other areas where there are lots of former students. These events are ideal for career networking, information exchange as well as being simply a fun place for those with a shared past to reminisce about the old days. Former students and those getting ready to graduate should use these organizations to develop contacts that can help them now and in the future.

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