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Posted on: June 2, 2017

What's All the Hype About Essential Oils?

Essential oils have become big news recently, but do they really work or are they just hype? Hard science is actually backing up the validity of essential oils, but with a caveat. There are a number of different types and grades of oils on the market and the effectiveness of the oil depends on how it was processed or created. Synthetic oils are simply designed to scent the air and have no healing or wellness properties. Oils that have been collected and processed properly, however, contain millions of particles in a single drop of oil. These micro-particles are so tiny, they are actually able to pass through cell walls to create healing on a cellular level.

One of the most common uses of essential oils is in massage therapy and other day spa treatments. Oils like lavender, peppermint and chamomile have soothing and invigorating properties, while citrus oils are known for being mood boosters. Today, massage therapist training often includes training in the use of therapeutic oils to accomplish different therapeutic goals. Since people seek out massage therapy at a day spa for a number of different reasons, there are a wide variety of oils that can help achieve their therapeutic goals.

Some people seek out a massage therapist because of back problems, muscle spasms and other issues and there is a range of oils that can help with those issues in addition to other spa treatments like steam rooms, saunas and even certain body wraps. Other people seek massage therapy at a day spa as a form or touch therapy or because they are grieving or experiencing emotional issues that they are working through such as a breakup or loss of a job. Essential oil treatments can also have an effect on the emotions and promote emotional healing just as much as physical healing.

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