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Posted on: November 5, 2020

massage, relaxing

Did you know that having a massage license does not limit you to working in a spa? There are a handful of different outlets that you can look into that are outside of the spa industry. What if the spa industry is not for you? Let’s take a look at some of those other career options.

  1. Be your own boss!

- Kickstarting your own massage business can have many benefits. Create your own customized schedule and handpick your own clients. You can have a traditional brick and mortar storefront or even start a mobile massage business. 

2.  Medical offices & Hospitals

- Many medical facilities are introducing “on demand” massage therapy for their clients. Working for a medical facility provides steady work and great benefits.

3.  Hotels and Resorts

-Who doesn’t want a relaxing massage while on vacation or traveling for work? Getting a massage continues to be a popular “go-to” amenity at many resorts. Massage is the ultimate form of relaxation, especially after a long plane ride!

4. Woking for a sports team

- Athletes get injured frequently. Working for a professional or college sports team would be a unique experience. Athletes often get routine massages for injury prevention. And when injuries do occur, a massage therapist is often needed. 

5. Nursing Homes & Elderly Care

- This fulfilling occupation helps to improve the overall health of the clientele. Relaxation is crucial for relaxation and keeps elderly bodies as limber as possible.

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