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Posted on: January 16, 2019

What is Reflexology Massage?

Reflexology is the art of applying pressure to the hands and feet to provide benefits to other areas of the body and alleviate pain. It's defined as the study of reflex action as it relates to the behavior of organisms. Your licensed massage therapist can relieve pressure using their fingers on the reflex points of the hands, feet, and head. The benefits of reflexology massage therapy are removing energy blockages to promote wellness in other areas of the body that are related. Studies show that reflexologists can help reduce anxiety, stress, and other psychological symptoms while enhancing relaxation and sleep. Pressure on the reflex points stimulates the release of endorphins reducing pain and balances out the nervous system. 

Reflexologists use foot charts as a guide when applying pressure to specific areas. It's often combined with other forms of therapy and is offered by some physical therapists and chiropractors. People seek reflexologists to help alleviate pain from sports injuries, migraines, and tension headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders, stress, hormonal imbalances, back pain, arthritis, constipation, and multiple sclerosis. 

What Happens During A Session? 

Typically, your therapy session at a day spa will last between 30 to 60 minutes and should begin with a consultation about your health history. This information will help your reflexologist create a customized therapy plan that works best for you. During your treatment, you'll remove your shoes and socks and sit at a massage table or in a comfortable chair. Usually, oil or lotion is used as well as instruments such as dowels, brushes, or balls. 

Is It The Same As A Foot Massage? 

A reflexologist works on areas of the foot to stimulate a healing response to your corresponding organs. Massage therapists who perform foot massage manipulate soft tissues and muscles to relieve pain, improve circulation, and induce overall relaxation.

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