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Posted on: March 23, 2015

A lomilomi restoration massage is a type of Polynesian massage that originated in Hawaii. The term "lomilomi" actually means massage. It is important to note that no two massages are the same. There are a variety of ways that a lomilomi restoration massage can be performed. A massage therapist can use their fingers, forearms, knuckles, feet and knees to perform their massage. Sticks and stones can also be used in this form of massage therapy. Lomilomi massages are sometimes referred to as Hawaiian temple bodywork. Massage therapists who perform lomilomi massages believe that the massage not only affects a person's physical health, but it also affects his or her mental and spiritual health. A lot of emphasis is placed on removing negative physical energy. More and more people are opting to get lomilomi massage therapy. Restorative benefits of lomilomi massage therapy include increased flexibility and range of motion, improved blood pressure and slower heart rate. There has also been evidence to suggest that a lomilomi massage can speed up the healing process. Additionally, a lomilomi massage can help remove toxins from the body. In many cases, poor health can be attributed to the buildup of toxins in the body. That is why eliminating these toxins can help drastically improve a person's health. The founders of lomilomi massage believe that the massage should be rushed. That is why a lomilomi massage can sometimes last over two hours. Because this type of massage is growing in popularity in many places of the world, many massage therapist are learning this as a part of their training. One of the reasons that lomilomi massages are becoming more popular is because people are discovering that they offer many benefits.

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