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Posted on: March 13, 2015

Integrative medicine is a discipline that incorporates the whole lifestyle of a person to heal them or offer them greater wellness. In integrative medicine, someone who has an illness, disease or medical issue is helped not only with prescription medications, strict therapies and surgeries. They are aided with other disciplines that bring about wellness. One of the disciplines that aids greatly in improving wellness to anyone who is suffering from a medical issue is massage therapy. The massage therapist who practices integrative medicine must make it a point to take care of their patient’s entire well-being. This includes their physical body, their surroundings, their mind and their mind-body connection. A massage that integrates these things should help to guide the patient in meditation and relaxation. Not everyone agrees with integrative medicine, but it is definitely an up and coming discipline that is always making great strides. In fact, there are more studies every day showing how techniques like massage therapy can play a huge role in helping someone recover from an illness or disease. Massage helps to relax the body, mind and spirit. It does this both voluntarily and involuntarily. That is, when the body is massaged by a professional in a calming setting with nice-smelling scents and soothing lighting, their body naturally calms down and soothes itself. This is not an active choice by the patient. It is a natural response. Any massage therapist who is promoting and exceeding at their occupation is a part of integrative medicine, but massage needs to become a bigger part of all medicine. Anyone who is suffering in the mind, body or both can benefit from one type of massage or another. The massage therapist is the facilitator and professional in this type of integrative healing, and it is their job to help the patient realize optimal wellness.

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