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Posted on: May 15, 2017

What is Hydrotherapy?

How Is Water Therapy Used In Spas?

At a day spa, clients can enjoy soothing water treatments that will reduce the pain in their arthritic joints. The warm swirling water in a pool can massage the skin and underlying tissues to eliminate the discomfort from strained muscles. When clients visit a spa, they may want to have hydrotherapy sessions in showers or bathtubs that have mineral water along with water jets.

Water Therapy Cleanses the Skin

Water therapy can cleanse a body part such as the feet to remove dry skin and bacteria before performing a pedicure. Eliminating pathogens from the toes and soles of the feet will make it easier for a pedicurist to cut a client’s toenails, push back cuticles and apply polish. With effective cleansing of the toenails and skin on the feet, clients are less likely to develop an infection from bacteria.

Use Water Therapy to Relieve the Discomfort of Backaches

A relaxing massage treatment from hot water can also relieve a client’s chronic headaches or backaches so that she no longer needs to take prescription medications for pain. A benefit from using hydrotherapy for these types of conditions is not coping with the side effects from analgesics that can include ringing in the ears, dry mouth or drowsiness.

A Day Spa Will Have Water Therapy Shower Stalls and Tubs

An esthetician at a day spa might enter a water therapy pool to provide a hydrotherapy massage treatment on a client’s back or legs. Alternatively, clients will enter a specialized shower stall or tub on their own to enjoy a treatment with swirling hot mineralized water. In many cases, a client is able to monitor the controls on the tub or shower in order to change the pressure of the water jets.

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