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Posted on: October 13, 2017

What is Cupping Therapy

What Are the Benefits From Cupping Massage Therapy? 

Massage therapy is an important part of healthy living, and you can enjoy an assortment of therapeutic treatments at a day spa. If you want to have an unusual treatment from a therapist, then request a cupping massage. This form of treatment is popular with athletes because it increases the blood flow in their bodies. In traditional Chinese medicine, this type of treatment is also used to stimulate the lymph glands to improve the immune system when a client has an illness such as a cold. 

You Might Develop Ugly Circular Bruises On Your Skin

With this type of massage therapy, the therapist applies fragrant essential oils on the body of her client to help the small glass cups adhere to the skin with a vacuum process. In most cases, the glass cups are fastened to the back, shoulders or upper arms of a client to release painful muscle and tendon tension. The major risk from this type of massage is developing large round bruises on the skin that might feel like burns. If you are planning a special event, having the ugly circular bruises is embarrassing while you are wearing certain garments. 

Daily Healthy Living Includes Using Scented Emollients On the Skin

The application of the right varieties of essential oils during a cupping massage can prevent extensive bruising on the skin. Estheticians recommend these types of natural aromatic essential oils to keep your skin from bruising easily during the therapeutic treatment:

• Cypress
• Geranium
• Parsley
• Chamomile
• Rosemary
• Lavender

In addition to having these oils applied to your shoulders, arms or back before a therapeutic treatment with glass cups, you can bring a container of your favorite scented oil home to use on your skin to reduce the discomfort from any bruises.

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