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Posted on: September 8, 2015

What Is A Microcurrent Facial?

A microcurrent facial is the latest in skin care technologies created to give clients a more youthful and vibrant look. The best sort of facials gives the viewer the idea that the person who's had one has simply been on a long and restful vacation, and this is what the microcurrent facial does.


How It Works

During a session, an esthetician applies a conductive gel to the client's face and uses probes or applicators to apply a tiny bit of electrical current to areas of the face to add volume and remove wrinkles, furrows and sags. This current gently manipulates the muscles in the face. Many people don't realize how many muscles are in the face, and the probes used by the esthetician tones and firms 32 of them. Not only this, but the muscles are actually trained to remember the procedure which has made them more firm and supple. Because of this "re-education" process, the client is given a series of weekly or bi-weekly sessions that are repeated every four to eight weeks. After this, the muscles should retain their vitality for up to four years before the client sees the need to repeat the series. How many treatments a person receives and how much maintenance he or she needs depends on their age and the state of their skin. Older patients who have damaged skin because of lots of time spent in the sun will need more treatments. A person who is about 55 years old will benefit most if she has an initial series of 12 to 15 sessions once or twice a week, with maintenance treatments every month or so. The microcurrent facial is also great for a person who has had a surgical facelift to treat numbness or scarring. Between maintenance visits, the client should also keep up a skin care routine to make sure that her skin remains cleansed and well-hydrated.

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