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Posted on: July 16, 2015

What Do Freckles Say About Your Skin?

Freckles are viewed by some as a sign of innocence with many famous celebrities flaunting theirs on magazine covers. Heredity does play a role in the occurrence of these spots but these dark clusters of melanin are usually triggered by sunlight. You may not think much of them but dermatologists warn that spots are a sign of sun damage. The notion among the public is that spots only affect light skin but that couldn’t be more wrong as any complexion is susceptible.

Thankfully there are plenty skin care products that one can use to protect their skin from sun damage that triggers spots. Remember that besides protection from harmful rays of the sun, there are more benefits of skin care products. Before choosing products for spots, talk to your dermatologist to help you pick one that will deliver the best results. You may want to cover your spots with make up or expose them but they still act as a reminder that your skin is taking too much heat. People with oily skin should choose water based products because products with oil will only clog the pores and cause breakouts.

There is also a secret to applying skin care products for sun damage protection that will ensure the best results. Slathering your face with foundation will often only give you an odd, ashy cast. Start with full coverage foundation and then follow this by covering dark spots with concealer before applying a pigmented powder for a smoother porcelain finish. Don’t make a habit of using make up to cover spots but instead, look for a reliable sunscreen product to protect against sun damage on skin each time you venture outdoors.

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