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Posted on: November 15, 2016

Benefit 1: A Massage Increases Your Blood Circulation

If you have diabetes mellitus, then it is a good idea to schedule spa treatments to improve your body’s circulation. Many diabetics have problems with the blood flow in their legs and feet, and the poor circulation can lead to complications that require hospitalization. At a day spa, an aesthetician can prepare a warm footbath so that you can soak your feet before having a soothing foot massage.

Benefit 2: Applications of Lubricating Essential Oils

An important part of healthy living for a diabetic is the proper trimming of their toenails to prevent discomfort and infections. A day spa will have a professional pedicurist who understands how to trim your toenails correctly to prevent dangerous ingrown toenails. After your toenails are trimmed, you can have an additional massage on your toes that includes the application of lubricating essential oils.

Benefit 3: Preventing Skin Infections and Neuropathy

Diabetics tend to have dry skin that requires a lot of moisturizing, and during a massage therapy session, an aesthetician can rub creams on your skin to prevent cracked skin tissue that might develop an infection. Regular massage therapy sessions can also help to prevent neuropathy that is caused by long-term nerve damage in the hands and feet. The most common cause of neuropathy in the limbs is diabetes mellitus.

Benefit 4: Reduces Stress to Promote Daily Healthy Living

When you experience frequent stress, it changes your body’s chemistry after the release of additional adrenaline, and this can increase your blood sugar levels. Massage therapy is the perfect way to reduce your stress because it does not require taking medications that can cause side effects. If you are diabetic and considering having spa treatments at a day spa, then talk to your physician first.

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