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Posted on: April 3, 2019

Waxing is For More Than Your Face

Request Hair Removal Services for Your Body or Face

Waxing is for both men and women, so you can visit a day spa to have this fast hair removal service. While face waxing to remove excess hair from the upper lip or between the brows is popular, other types of waxing procedures are available. When summer is approaching, many individuals want to get rid of excess hair so that they will look more attractive in shorts, tank tops or swimsuits, and an esthetician has the right types of skin care products to remove excess hair from various regions of the body. 

Appropriate Waxing Skin Care Products

It is important to think about all of the regions of the body where you want hair removed so that you can have all of the procedures performed during one visit to a day spa. An esthetician can apply chest wax to the coarse hair on this region before applying the soft cotton strips of cloth that are pulled away after the wax dries. However, the type of skin care required for sensitive areas of the body is different. To avoid irritating the skin, bikini wax requires using a substance that is mild and warm. 

Summertime Skin Care Is Easier without Excessive Body Hair

If you want a back waxing hair removal process, then the esthetician may recommend proper skin care first to remove any deeply embedded debris from the pores. You may also need to recline on a special padded table that has an open area for your face. An esthetician can also perform waxing services on your legs, armpits or forearms. When you plan to spend a lot of time outside in the sun during the summer, applications of sunscreen lotions is easier when there is no hair on the skin.

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