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Posted on: January 15, 2018

Ugg Someone is Moody Today!

If you are a massage therapist, then you will have a cranky client occasionally. Some spa clients are difficult to please, but they may have a good reason for feeling cranky. First, it is your job to find a way to provide the ultimate relaxation experience for a moody client who has had a bad week at work or home. It is important to offer massage therapy that is soothing and gentle to alleviate your client's foul mood. Some of the most relaxing types of massages include: 

• Swedish massage – requires long gliding motions on the body
• Hot stone massage – the massage therapist places warm stones on the skin
• Shiatsu massage – application of gentle pressure on certain areas of the body
• Reflexology – a massage that focuses on the soles of the feet

In addition, a client who is feeling a lot of stress can benefit from aquatic bodywork from sitting in a hot tub with whirling warm water, or the client might prefer a sauna treatment to remove the impurities from her skin.

A Massage Therapist Can Teach Meditation Skills 

Clients who are moody also need to improve their personal health with additional spa treatments such as learning meditation. The process of meditation can eliminate a client's anxiety levels to regulate the mood. Aromatherapy is an important way to increase a moody client's relaxation during massages, body wraps or hydrotherapy. 

Aromatherapy Can Improve a Client's Personal Health 

During massage therapy, you can use fragrant lotions and essential oils so that your client begins to relax to improve her mood. Some of the best scents to use for relaxation during spa services include: 

• Frankincense
• Jasmine 
• Eucalyptus 
• Chamomile 
• Sandalwood 
• Lavender 

You can also burn scented candles, or you can use fragrant air fresheners while you are helping a client improve her personal health.

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