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Posted on: February 29, 2012

Massage therapy is an exciting career.  Not all massage therapists work in spas or facilities.  Many massage therapists work for themselves.  They do not have a specific space in which they massage their clients.  Instead, they bring their massage chair and supplies to people’s homes or businesses to perform their services.

One critical item for a traveling massage therapist is a portable massage chair.  These massage chairs are great because they are smaller and lighter than massage tables.  They are easy to take with you and carry to each appointment.  Since these chairs are vital to a mobile massage therapist, it is important that they are transported properly.  Although, these types of massage chairs can be folded for easy mobility, it is important to be sure that the chair is properly locked and all knobs are turned appropriately to avoid the chair from unfolding while you are carrying it.  When transporting the massage chair, be sure to put it in a storage bag to avoid nicks and scratches and to keep the upholstery clean.  Be sure that the massage chair is secure when you take it in the car.  Make sure it is not sliding around the vehicle and watch out for sharp objects that can rip the storage bag or upholstery on the massage chair.

If you are interested in becoming a massage therapist, contact Space Coast Health Institute at 321-308-8000 to find out more about their program.

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