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Posted on: October 4, 2019

Training Massage Therapy Students to Work With Cancer Patients

Learning How to Communicate with Clients

Cancer patients often want to augment their traditional treatments with the services that are offered at a day spa. With a relaxing spa service, a cancer patient can feel better mentally and physically. A spa student must learn how to work with a variety of cancer patients in an appropriate way. This includes having compassion for the clients who are going through a difficult time with treatments that can include chemotherapy or surgery. It may take more time to provide a health and wellness service to a client who is in pain from having incisions during a procedure or who may feel nauseous while having massage therapy.

Remaining Aware during Spa Treatments

Sensitivity is an important part of caring for a cancer patient who may feel embarrassed by the way that the body looks after a mastectomy or other surgery that requires the removal of body tissues. A massage therapist may need to help the client recline comfortably on a padded table without causing any pain near the surgical site. During a spa service, the spa student must remain aware to notice any problems that require fast emergency thinking, including having a client who is becoming physically ill from the chemotherapy.

Using Caution While Choosing a Health and Wellness Spa Treatment

A massage therapist should communicate privately with the client to determine what type of day spa health and wellness services are okay after surgery or during treatment. A client must discuss day spa services with physicians to understand if there are treatments that are not recommended. It is better to select gentle treatments that won't create any physical stress on the body, and a spa student must use caution when choosing the emollient oils or fragrant lotions that are used during massage therapy.

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