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Posted on: November 29, 2017

Top Ten Reasons to Get a Massage

Some people see getting a massage as frivolous but massage therapy can serve as an important part of wellness and healthy living. There are tons of reasons to get a massage, but here are 10 of the best ones.

1. Pain Relief

Massage is an easy and enjoyable way to relieve pain. Touch treatments activate the part of the brain that's activated by painkillers.

2. Increased Flexibility

There's a connection between massage therapy and flexibility in the core. Lower back stiffness can be relieved by a massage, which opens up the body to an increased range of movement.

3. Stress Relief

A massage can lower your heart rate, blood pressure, levels of stress hormones, and other physiological markers of stress. It can alleviate tension in your mind as well as your body.

4. Mood Booster

Massage has been shown to increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are linked to elevated feelings of happiness and relaxation.

5. Reduces Muscle Soreness

After people have exercised and are experiencing muscle soreness, getting a massage alleviates some pain.

6. Better Sleep

Going to your local day spa and getting a massage can help your sleep schedule. People report feeling sleepier after they get massaged.

7. Improved Circulation

A heavy massage can increase circulation in the body. This promotes relaxation in your muscles and an increased feeling of general wellness and stress relief.

8. Headache Relief

Tension headaches are often caused by muscle contractions that can be eased by a massage at your nearest day spa.

9. Boost Immunity

Massage helps cells fight off viruses, which is another way they promote healthy living.

10. Pre-Exercise Warmup

Massage can loosen and warm up muscles before a workout.

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