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Posted on: June 24, 2020

Top Five Reasons To Get a Facial

A facial is a skincare treatment that is performed by a professional esthetician. During this treatment; you will receive the utmost pampering to your face to improve your skin's health. Listed below are the top 5 reasons as to why you should get a facial.

Professional Skin Examination

Before receiving your facial, a professional esthetician will examine your face to see what methods are right to perform in regards to your skin type. Skin types can be categorized as either dry, oily, normal, combination, or sensitive. Depending on which skin type you have and what you need assistance with the most is going to translate into the type of skin treatment you receive. Estheticians will most likely recommend for you to come in regularly to continue your skin's health journey and to get as much improvement out of your skin as possible. Estheticians, during a skin examination, will also recommend products that you should use on your face after the skin treatment and between visits.

Exfoliation Benefits

These skin treatments have exfoliation benefits. Estheticians use the method of exfoliation to remove dead skin from your face and transform it into a smooth canvas for further treatments. Exfoliating can be performed with chemical peels, exfoliating tools, and technologies, or exfoliating creams, lotions, and scrubs. Normal, dry, oily, and combination skin types can benefit from exfoliation. For sensitive skin; an esthetician may use a softer product and technique for you to receive the benefits that exfoliation provides, which are acne and scar reduction, pigmentation reduction, and dead skin removal. Without exfoliating, you would be applying products on top of a rough, uneven base.

Hydration Benefits

These skin treatments have hydration benefits. For those suffering from dry skin, moisture can be fully restored to your lifeless skin during this procedure. Hydration, which is typically applied to the face in the form of a cream, oil, or lotion, plumps the skin and makes it look alive, youthful, and healthy. After exfoliation, it is crucial that the esthetician moisturizes your skin to replenish nutrients and hydration. For those suffering from oily skin, it is important to note that you still need to moisturize your skin. For oily skin, an esthetician will most likely use oil-free moisturizes that will leave the skin matte, yet silky to the touch.

Increases Circulation

An esthetician will increase circulation in your face during your spa treatments. This will be done by massaging the skin and stimulating blood flow to every region of your face. As you age, circulation in the skin deteriorates. This skin treatment will revive your skin and leave it looking radiant and fresh. Re-oxygenation of your face occurs during a circulation skin treatment and restores a youthful appearance. The massaging technique also stretches the skin to bring about increased elasticity.

Stress Relieving

A trip to the day spa and receiving a face treatment can be stress relieving. All you have to do is lay down and let the esthetician do their job. You will come out of the skin treatment feeling rejuvenated, glowy, and in a relaxed state. As you continue your skin journey with your esthetician, you will see subtle yet consistent progress being made each time. Have faith in your esthetician and the procedures they perform because they have your skin's best interest in mind.

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