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Posted on: April 6, 2017

Tips on Skin Cleansers for Your Clients

As an esthetician, it is crucial to determine the best skin cleansers to use on your clients in order to achieve optimal results. Certain skin care products may benefit particular facial types while others may cause harm to the skin's delicate barrier. 

1. Determine Skin Type

First, it is crucial as an esthetician to examine your client's skin and categorize their type:

  • Normal Healthy, resilient, proper balance of oil and hydration - will benefit from a wide range of cleansers

  • Oily Tends to be shiny and greasy due to overproduction of oil - may benefit from a cleanser containing salicylic acid or tea tree oil

  • Dry Lacks proper moisture barrier, may be flaky

  • Sensitive Often feels itchy, tight and is easily irritated

  • Combination is a mix of any of the above types

2.  Consider the Contents

Regardless of facial type, a skin care product filled with harsh chemicals and detergents will strip the skin's barrier of essential moisture and likely cause irritation. Focus on skin care products with natural, skin-soothing ingredients where possible. 

3. Consider Makeup

If a client wears heavy foundation, dark eye makeup, or sunscreen, they may require a more thorough cleanser or possibly a double cleanse using an oil first and following up with a second cleanser. 

4. Be Gentle with Dry Skin

Dry skin requires specific care. Consider a dry skin facial using a gentle oil cleanser with warm water. A dry skin facial will properly cleanse the face without disrupting the sensitive barrier. 

5. Play it Safe

Find a go-to skin care product that will work on all types. An alcohol-free, gentle, sulfate-free, PH-balanced, fragrance-free cleanser will be your best option for treating a range of facial types.

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