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Posted on: February 22, 2017

Tips for Choosing Massage Equipment

5 Tips for Choosing Massage Equipment

When you’re just starting out as a massage therapist, all of the different types of massage equipment can be a little overwhelming! At last, you can relax. We’ve laid out five important tips to helping you choose the perfect massage equipment.

1. Invest in a great table.

Since most of your clients will spend their massage therapy session on your table, make sure it’s of high quality and will leave a lasting impression.

2. Your massage tables height should be adjustable.

No client is the same size, so you want to be able to adjust your massage equipment to be the height that works best for you on any given client. This will not only help your back in the long run but allow you to give a deeper massage.

3. Thick foam doesn’t equal comfort!

The comfort from foam is not brought on by the thickness, but rather closely related to the density of the foam. You want a soft foam that entices relaxation in your clients, so don’t let this be an area where you cut corners. Repeat business is essential as a massage therapist, and if your customer feels comfortable, they’ll be more inclined to schedule another appointment!

4. Your tables face rest should be comfortable for the client.

Massage therapy is a source of relaxation and meditation for your customers. Make sure the face rest on your massage table is comfortable and gives them plenty of room to breath.

5. Buy lots of high-quality towels and table sheets!

Out of all the types of massage equipment, you are going to buy, towels and sheets are always overlooked. However, hygiene as a massage therapist is incredibly important. Another thing to always keep in stock is essential aromatherapy oils. These oils will help with your client's meditation while in their session.

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