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Posted on: July 8, 2019

The Workplace and Millennial Employees

Millennials are a passionate, opinionated segment of our population, holding different interests and requiring new managing strategies to achieve maximum success. Many younger individuals are gaining interest in the spa industry, leading to a workforce that consists of more millennial employees. Today, we're going to see the pros and cons of hiring millennial staff, and how you can accommodate their needs.

Pros And Cons Of A Millennial Work Force

Pro 1: This group is highly adept at dealing with change. They understand that flexibility is required to run a successful business.

Pro 2: This generation of employees is highly tech-savvy; helpful in the modern workplace where technology is ever-growing.

Con 1: Millennials are an emboldened, strongly opinionated generation, while this does hold its advantages, it can sometimes be a hindrance. They may disrespect authority or voice their opinions at inopportune times.

Con 2: The millennial generation is used to sharing much of their personal information via social media. In the workplace, it is often valuable to keep private information under wraps.

What Do Millennial Employees Need?

There are a few tactics that employers should keep in mind to enhance the job satisfaction and productivity of millennial employees.

  • Millennials are highly passionate individuals, therefore, if you can find an activity that they enjoy it can boost their happiness and productivity. For example, one area where most millennial employees are passionate about is health and wellness. Finding a way to incorporate that into your spa could be beneficial.

  • This generation of employees loves team building events, where they can develop chemistry and teamwork with fellow employees.

  • Provide millennial employees with positive reinforcement, as they thrive off of encouragement.

Hopefully, you feel more confident about hiring millennial employees after this article.

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