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Posted on: February 19, 2020

The Skin Care Product Line is Booming With Fruits and Veggies

Skincare trends change with changes in consumer values. With more people today feeling concern about the quality and type of ingredients they allow in contact with their skin, it's not surprising that consumers value reducing their exposure to toxic and synthetic ingredients that have been a mainstay of the health and beauty industry. Marketing firms have learned that health and wellness are now the greatest concerns for most buyers of skincare products.

Why have fruits and veggies suddenly become so important?

Healthy Living

Adults have been taught as children by their parents and teachers that their bodies need regular exposure to fruits and vegetables to remain healthy. It makes sense. After all, most government and education resources explain that humans need at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day because these plants are packed full of nutritious vitamins, minerals and other substances that are essential for life. Additionally, many plants contain compounds that reduce pain, balance hormones and even improve skin appearance and elasticity.

Social Expectations

Societal influences also come into play. Shoppers often buy what peers from their family, friend and work social networks purchase to show that they're up-to-date with the latest trend. They also like to buy the same products used by their favorite celebrity or esthetician, and many famous people and beauty experts are currently promoting the use of these products. Marketers and even day spa workers have made the use of skincare products containing fruits and vegetables synonymous with their clients having a certain amount of wealth, appreciation of beauty or concern about health and the environment.

Other Influences

The transition to skincare isn't simply based on science and popularity. There are education aspects as well. Now more than ever before, consumers have access to the latest scientific discoveries in skincare because of the internet. As a result, they are more educated about the health benefits of these plants that extend far beyond food consumption. In fact, all forms of mass communication have increased consumer awareness in recent years about how manufacturers use plant extracts to create more natural skincare products that offer great health benefits.

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