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Posted on: April 8, 2017

The Power of Peppermint

Let’s be honest, peppermint is a powerful herb because not only is the smell of it strong and cleansing, its abilities are incredibly useful. Essential oils are a part of a healthy lifestyle for healthy living! They are natural cures that get right to the bottom of problems.

After exercising, your muscles tend to feel rather tired and sore. Don’t be afraid to massage peppermint into the skin around your sore muscles. This will cool and relax your muscles making them more comfortable to work with. You can also do this by adding peppermint into a hot bath. It would be just like creating your own spa but in the luxury of your own home! 

The main purpose of this essential oil is to release tight muscles; this includes your internal organs as well. Peppermint can reduce stomach aches and soothe your digestive track if you massage it into your lower abdomen. If you have a headache, apply peppermint oil to your forehead and wrists. Within minutes any headaches are always relieved! There will be no need to take ibuprofen or Tylenol when you have this essential oil. It even helps to alleviate fevers when you are under the weather.

Part of healthy living is to not only treat your body right physically but also to reduce your mental stress. By diffusing peppermint oil into the air, it will help to uplift your spirit and boost your energy. Not only does peppermint relax your muscles, it also relaxes you and your mental state while clearing out your sinuses. Having trouble focusing on your work? This essential oil will help to improve your focus. 

There are many other benefits to using peppermint in your daily life. These are just a few that will help you in your healthy living!

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