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Posted on: September 4, 2016

Learn How to Massage Infants

If you are a massage student who is interested in working with babies, then you must find a school that teaches infant massage. Understanding how to massage babies requires specialized knowledge because an infant has softer bones and is also unable to communicate with words. However, babies have other ways of communicating, and at a massage school, you can learn the proper way to perform massage therapy on infants who range in age from newborn to two years old.

Find a Massage School That Is Accredited

An important aspect of learning to be a therapist who works with infants is also having the ability to teach parents how to massage their own baby. Before enrolling in a massage school, research online to determine if it offers infant massage certification along with parent instructor training. There are organizations that are based worldwide or in certain countries that can help you find a school that is licensed in your region. After learning where a school is located, verify that it is accredited in your area. Contact a school to determine what you need to do to become a massage student along with learning about the cost of classes and textbooks.

Teach Parents How to Perform Massages

In addition to learning from your instructors in a traditional classroom, you will also have an opportunity to perform massage therapy on infants as part of your practical training. In most cases, parents remain nearby while their baby is receiving a massage, and this is a chance to show the parents some of the techniques that they can use on their child after leaving. Infant massage is a way for parents to nurture and bond with their child by using gentle massage strokes on the baby’s back, abdomen or legs.

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