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Posted on: February 6, 2017

The biggest eye makeup trend is very easy to do. It seems like the smoky eye look has been around forever, maybe even a decade. It's a very good look for many and it's sexy too. But it is a bit too much for every day. The latest eye makeup trend straight out of Hollywood is - bare, almost naked eyes, minimalist. 

So for those of us living in the south, that's great news. Who wants to wear too much eye shadow in all this heat? Plus it's better for your skin not to wear so much makeup in hotter weather because it clogs your pores. So in this case, less is more. Now you can wear less makeup and be stylish!

New Makeup Trend Tips

  1. Keep your lids bare and let your lips do the talking.

  2. Choose a brownish mauve instead of a red lipstick for a more edgy look.

  3. Create a soft contrast between a pale eye shadow like a lilac color and your eyes. Line the eye with a dark brown pencil.

  4. Add a pearly shimmer in the inner corners of your eyes making them look brighter and awake.

  5. Skip the eye shadow if you have rosy cheeks.

  6. Dark lips and full lashes are elegant and fresh.

  7. Sheer eye shadow with a subtle shimmer is a perfect balance between bright and sultry.

  8. Curl your lashes and use less mascara to open your eyes.

  9. Use your highlighter lightly swiping across your eye lids for a glowing look.

The less makeup you wear, the younger you look. Now how can that be a bad thing? Is this or is this not the best thing about this new makeup trend? Try it and see for yourself.

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