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Posted on: May 23, 2018

The Benefits of Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care

Have a Massage Therapy Career In a Chiropractic Office 

There are differences between chiropractic care and massage therapy, but these two types of services complement each other. Chiropractic services primarily focus on the problems that occur in the back while massage therapy can focus on several areas of the body. In addition to offering bodywork on the spine, neck or back, you can provide a massage for the hands, arms, legs, and feet. 

You Can Work In a Spa or a Chiropractic Facility 

While you are a massage therapy student, in addition to learning about human anatomy and physiology, you will also learn more about where a massage therapist can work. While you might think that you can only work in a spa that is located in a resort location, hotel or neighborhood facility, you can also have a lucrative massage therapy career in a chiropractic office. 

You Can Learn More About Nutritional Planning While You Are a Massage Therapy Student 

Many chiropractors want to offer additional services, including nutritional planning, exercise programs and a variety of body massages. A busy chiropractor needs help from other professionals, so you can become a partner in a chiropractic facility. As a massage therapist, you can learn more about exercise planning and nutritional programs along with understanding how to provide an assortment of massages. 

A Massage Therapist Can Work With a Chiropractor 

If a client is visiting a chiropractor for a back problem, then she requires additional bodywork. When someone has back pain, she may also have discomfort in her hips, legs, and feet, but a chiropractor may not treat these areas of the body. After a client undergoes spinal manipulation from the chiropractor, she can also have a massage treatment, and this ensures that she has two treatments during the same day.

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