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Posted on: December 12, 2012

If you are working at a spa and regularly give manicures and pedicures to clients, it is essential to properly sanitize all of the different manicure and pedicure tools that are being used. Sanitizing these tools is not difficult at all, and it only takes a few minutes to do. If the tools that are being used on hundreds of hands and toes each day are not sanitized, there is the potential risk of spreading different types of funguses and infections to others. Even if the tools have not been used on anyone recently, they should still be sanitized and sterilized to ensure that all of the dirt and unwanted germs are cleaned off completely. Regular soap and water may be able to clean the tools off, but proper sterilization is a must, otherwise there will still be germs left on these tools.To clean the tools of properly, they should first be soaked in a mixture of the hottest water possible and dish detergent. The tools should sit in this combination of water and dish soap for about fifteen minutes, ultimately helping to remove the dirt and germs that exist. After the manicure and pedicure tools have had time to soak, you can remove them from the water and gently dry them off with a clean towel and place them on a baking sheet. The baking sheet should be exclusively used for the manicure and pedicure tools, and not for baking foods. The tools can be placed in a warm oven for about ten more minutes, which ensures that the tools have been properly sanitized and sterilized. In a spa setting, it may not always be possible to use an oven for sterilization. However, there are mini-sterilizing kits that can be purchased and should be used in all spas.

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