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Posted on: November 13, 2017

Tech Neck is More Common Than You Think

Mobile Devices Can Cause Neck Pain 

If you love using your mobile devices such as a laptop or smartphone, then you may develop tech neck. This painful condition is a repetitive stress injury that occurs from staring down at mobile devices several hours a day. A repetitive stress-strain can cause cumulative damage to your joints, nerves, and muscles, leading to chronic pain. 

Request a Massage From a Therapist 

Rather than suffering from the discomfort of a repetitive stress injury, visit a spa to enjoy massage treatments. A knowledgeable therapist understands how to alleviate the discomfort in your neck, shoulders and back with massage therapy. 

Massage Treatments Focus On the Upper Body

There are different types of massage that are performed while you are reclining on a padded table or when you are relaxing in a chair that leans forward. The main focus of massage therapy for tech neck is on the upper back, shoulders, and neck because that is where the repetitive stress strains occur. 

Pain Can Travel To Other Areas Of Your Body 

Before beginning massage treatments for a repetitive stress injury, discuss your pain symptoms with the therapist. It is important to remember that tech neck can affect other parts of your body because your nerves are pinched. You might have tingling sensations in your arms and fingers, or you might experience frequent headaches. 

Reduce Your Referral Pain 

Your therapist will recommend different types of massage for the pain in your shoulders than she will for the muscle spasms in your neck. A therapist may begin with a gentle kneading massage to find the tense muscles in your back. If she notices a problem, then she might suggest trigger point massage therapy that helps to reduce referral pain that occurs in a different area of your body.

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