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Posted on: February 23, 2015

Specialized Massage

If you are seeking relaxation at a spa but have a physical problem concerning reclining on a massage table, then request a chair massage instead. Professional massage therapists understand the specialized techniques needed for clients with mobility difficulties that make it difficult to recline on a flat surface. When calling to schedule an appointment at a spa, inform the receptionist that you require massage therapy in a sitting position.

Aromatherapy Relaxation

A specialty chair made with a keyhole headrest makes it easy for a client to lean forward while having a massage on the neck, back or shoulders. Many massage chairs are also designed with leg or knee rests. A massage therapist will adjust the massage chair to provide the most relaxation for a client to permit meditation to clear the mind. It is still possible to request aromatherapy during the massage with herbal or flower scented burning candles.

Fast Massages

A chair massage is perfect when a client does not have a lot of time in their schedule because the massage therapy is often performed without removing clothing. For someone working in a stressful environment, calling a massage therapist with a mobile chair massage service is a good plan. The massage therapist brings lightweight and portable equipment to a private residence or business to provide relaxation with a quick 15 minute massage.

Peaceful Meditation

A massage therapist with experience in performing a chair massage can provide services at birthday parties or bridal showers. Employers may want to offer relaxation and aromatherapy to employees by hiring a massage therapist to provide massages during lunch breaks to improve work performance. The next time you are under mental and emotional stress that has led to muscle tension in the shoulders, neck or back, have a fast and professional chair massage.

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