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Posted on: December 17, 2018

Symptoms and Causes of Athlete's Feet

What is Athlete's Foot? 

Athlete's foot is a condition that is caused by a fungal infection. The infection typically develops in between the toes. 

Causes of Athlete's Foot 

This condition often develops as a result of wearing tight shoes. When you wear tight shoes, your feet sweat. A moist environment causes fungus to grow. This condition is more common in men. It is also common among people who share mats, clothing, and shoes. Additionally, this condition can easily be spread in locker rooms, swimming pools, and other public places. 

Symptoms of Athlete's Foot 

A red, scaly rash on the foot is one of the signs of this condition. You may also start to itch. This itching may become worse after you take off your socks and shoes. Blisters and ulcers are other signs of this condition. The infection can quickly spread from one foot to the other. It can also spread to the hands. 

Curing Athlete's Foot 

There are some home remedies that you can use in order to cure this condition. Tea tree oil is one of the treatments that you can use. It is a great remedy to use because it has antifungal properties. 

There was a study done that compared people who used tea tree oil to people who used a placebo. Sixty-four percent of the people who used the tea tree oil was able to cure their condition. Only 31 percent of people who used the placebo were able to cure their condition. 

Garlic is another remedy that you can use because it has antibacterial properties. 

Preventing This Condition 

Daily foot care can prevent this condition. Make sure that you keep your feet clean and dry. You can also go to the day spa. An esthetician can give you a pedicure, which can promote relaxation. A pedicure is not only great for relaxation, but it can also keep your feet clean and healthy.

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