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Posted on: July 22, 2019

Swimmers and Sports Massage

The Impact Of Massage On Swim Injuries

If you are a competitive sports swimmer, you know that swimming is a total workout for the body. Swimming for sport works the muscles and the cardiovascular system, especially because of the many hours of practice the athlete puts in. As with any sport, the repetitive motion and the stress of working out can cause injuries and sometimes even chronic pain.

One of the best ways to treat swim injuries is through massage therapy. Athletic swimming can cause a variety of injuries like back pain, muscle cramps, swimmers knee, and shoulder issues. Both the shoulder and knee injuries are caused by repetitive movements in the pool. Swimmers often experience back pain due to hyperextension of the back muscles. Swimmers may also experience chronic muscle cramps due to their strenuous workouts.

Massage therapy can treat these common injuries and prevent them from becoming more serious. It’s important to find a licensed massage therapist who is familiar with the techniques needed to alleviate the pain caused by swim injuries. Massage therapy can reduce swelling around the joints, help overworked muscles, and promote healing by increasing blood circulation.

Licensed massage therapists also use relaxation techniques and treatments that will strengthen connective tissues. The relaxation of the muscles prior to a heavy workout may help with the reduction of injuries. Regular massage sessions can help with greater flexibility and faster healing of muscles and joints.

Stay strong in and out of the water with regular massage treatments. Massage helps prevent injuries, achieve better workouts due to increased flexibility, and helps with a better mental focus in the pool. Whether it's before or after a swim, athletes will benefit from treatment by a licensed massage therapist.

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