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Posted on: July 6, 2018

Stress and Anxiety for the Massage Student

Many people don't realize how stressful it can be as a massage student. The workload is substantial and the curriculum is rigorous. Therefore, many students look for ways to excel in their schooling while still maintaining their sanity. Here are a few tips for dealing with stress and anxiety as a massage student. 

Manage Time Wisely 

One of the most important components of stress control as a student is time management. School often feels like you're juggling fifty different balls at once and letting even one of them drop would be the end of the world. In order to handle school, friends, family, and work, you must learn to manage time properly. Before each day begins, make a list of things that must be accomplished and allow a certain amount of time for each task. Stay focused and dedicate that pre-determined amount of time to each goal for the day. This will help you to accomplish more without feeling bogged down as each task is tackled one at a time. 

Take Regular Breaks 

Many people desiring a career in massage therapy forget how important stress release is personally. Customers receive a massage for a chance to release some anxiety and unwanted pressure. Massage students need to take a similar approach to their studying and realize how important it is to take regular breaks. These short respites help to refresh the mind, repair the body and release stress. At the end of the day, regular breaks actually help in the long term for the retention and acquisition of information. It also helps to keep you from going crazy from all of the stress and anxiety. 

A career in massage isn't the easiest pursuit in the world, but it can be rewarding. It is important to remember how to keep stress levels reduced while still completing coursework. Taking regular breaks and managing your time properly are two great places to start.

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