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Posted on: May 4, 2018

Springtime Skin Detox

After a seemingly endless winter, spring is finally on its way. This means it's time to break out your shimmering bronzers and bright lip glosses. To prep for fresh makeup after a dreary winter, a skin detox is in order. Beautiful makeup starts with good skincare.

Even oily skin can get dry during the winter. To remove flakes and dry patches, do some light physical exfoliating. A gentle konjac sponge will be effective for most skin types. Konjac sponges are lightly textured to smooth away rough skin, and they are infused with charcoal to absorb impurities. You'll be surprised at how bright your face looks once you've sloughed away all the dead winter skin.

Now is also the time to swap out your rich skincare products for something a little lighter. The heavy creams that pampered your face during cold, dry days will clog your pores when the air is humid. Try water-based gel moisturizers for lightweight hydration or even plain oils. Jojoba oil is very thin and is extremely similar to the natural sebum in your own skin. Argan oil has anti-aging properties, and rosehip oil prevents breakouts. Best of all, a base of pure oil is the perfect dewy base for glowy makeup.

If your skin needs a more serious detox, use an acid exfoliating treatment. Alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid and lactic acid dissolve dead skin cells to reveal skin that looks younger and smoother. These acids bring deep acne up to the surface so it can be more easily remedied. Lactic acid even provides hydration. People with oily skin should consider using a clarifying mud or clay mask once a week to keep their pores clear. For the full pampering skin detox treatment, visit a day spa for a facial complete with extractions. A proper day spa treatment will give you the skin you've always wanted but never thought you would ever have.

Once spring is in full swing, make sure you wash your face thoroughly twice a day to remove makeup and sweat, two of the main culprits behind breakouts and uneven texture.

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