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Posted on: March 23, 2018

Spa Marketing and Customer Follow-Up

Four Marketing Tips For Reaching New Clients

If you own a day spa, then it is important to use a variety of marketing tips for reaching new clients, including regular customer follow-up. Advertising with an assortment of methods is a vital way to attract new customers. 

Marketing Tip 1: Mailing Campaigns 

You should create a mailing campaign that targets the individuals in your area to build a new clientele. When someone wants a pedicure, she doesn’t want to drive for several hours, so you should reach out to the potential customers who live closest to your spa. You can mail flyers or postcards that offer a percentage off discounts for your services. 

Marketing Tip 2: Regular Customer Follow-up

When customers visit your day spa, make sure to register their information in a database so that you can contact them later. If you know that a client requested a soothing pregnancy massage for her back, then record her due date so that you can contact her about a massage for her infant after it is born. 

Marketing Tip 3: Participate In Trade Shows

Make sure to participate in the trade shows in your region by setting up a massage chair at your booth. You can have brochures and flyers to give to the trade show visitors, and also, make sure to have business cards or discount coupons available. In addition, offer a prize for a free massage or another service to someone who enters your contest. 

Marketing Tip 4: Offer Day Spa Gift Certificates 

Have day spa gift certificates for sale in your day spa and at an online website. Someone who wants to give a gift in a hurry can buy one of your gift certificates to give to a friend or relative for a birthday or other special occasion.

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