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Posted on: July 22, 2020

 Spa and Cell Phone Policies

We live in a society where we carry our cell phones with us everywhere that we go. It is okay for you to take your cell phone to the day spa. However, it is important for you to practice basic spa etiquette. It is rude for you to be on the phone while your makeup specialist student or massage student is treating you.

They are trying to work on their skills so that they can prepare to take their exam. They are also trying to give you the best service possible. If you are using your cell phone, then you may not be able to get the most out of your facial or massage therapy session. You should be focused on relaxation and have a clear head while you get your service.

You should also avoid texting. It can be distracting to send a text message while you are getting a service. The person who is performing your service may need to ask you questions. If you are using your cell phone, then you may not be able to respond to them as quickly.

Keep in mind that it is usually against spa policy to use a cell phone while getting a spa treatment. That is why it is a good idea to turn it off before you even walk in the spa. The phone calls and text messages can wait until after you have finished getting your spa treatment.

Not using your cell phone is a part of being kind and courteous to the person who is performing your service. You want them to totally focus on you while they are performing your treatment. It is only fair to give them the same.

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