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Posted on: July 8, 2015

Few things are more relaxing and soothing than massage therapy. Getting a massage feels wonderful, but it also improves your health in several specific ways. Behind the calm, refreshing feelings you experience are physical changes in your body. As the massage therapist begins to work, your muscles unclench and feel less tight. In addition, a very high heart rate will significantly drop. The health benefits don't stop there. If you have high blood pressure, expect it to fall. Perhaps best of all, one of the most soothing aspects of massage is the drop in cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and its reduction can leave you feeling mentally, physically and emotionally healthier. A reduction in cortisol is good for everyone, particularly because it strengthens your immune system. When your body is in the calm state induced by the massage, your body can recharge and heal, resulting in an immune system boost. The good news doesn't stop there. The soothing experience you have during the massage creates a special bond between you and your massage therapist, which has numerous health benefits. The bonding aspects of massage therapy are powerful and healing. During a massage session, the hormone oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is a bonding hormone that helps you trust the other person and feel safe and secure. Oxytocin also reduces stress and lowers cortisol. In addition, the mere act of touching can communicate multiple positive emotions, and it can also speed up our communication with others, which also speeds up the bonding process. However, these benefits aren't just for the person receiving the massage. The massage therapist can also reap the benefits of touch and oxytocin during the massage session. Massages not only feel good, but they provide health benefits for everyone involved.

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