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Posted on: August 2, 2017

Some Beauty Tips After Baby

Quick Beauty Routines After Baby

The joys of pregnancy and new motherhood are endless. So are the changes! If you've enjoyed the typical pregnancy, you've relished thicker hair, stronger nails, and glowing skin. However, once your bundle of joy arrives, hormones go crazy, sleep lessons and "body blahs" can take their toll. Fight back with an easy skin care routine that will help you feel better, even if you can't take as much time for your beauty routine as you used to.

Get Good Rest

Adequate sleep, whether it happens at night or during your baby's nap, is crucial to post-partum recovery. Don't feel like you need to do too much during this time except care for yourself and your baby. Even then, accept help from a relative coming to hold the baby while you rest, a partner pitching in to do household chores or a friend stopping by to bring you a meal. Beauty experts say that the best way to start taking care of skin, the largest of the body's organs, is to get enough rest. Getting enough sleep is your best way to combat puffy eyes and under eye circles.


Getting enough water is also crucial to skin care health and recovery. Not to mention, if you're breastfeeding, you are providing both nutrition and hydration for your baby.

Take Care of Your Skin

Post-delivery is not the time for an extended routine with lots of beauty products. Basic beauty products and skin care products are what you need to still feel like a real person. That means an easy skin care routine that includes a quick shower/face washing, moisturizer, sunscreen if you're going out and minimal makeup (lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara). 

Do Something Special for Yourself

Once a week, do something to care for yourself instead of just caring for your baby (cute as he/she is!). That may mean adding a facial skin care exfoliation treatment or a pedicure. Take care that you're using skin care products with mild and natural ingredients, though. Some other ideas might include getting a massage, going out for coffee with a friend or just enjoying some fresh air.

Remember, your skin and body are on a road to recovery from bringing a human being into the world. Enjoy the journey!

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