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Posted on: April 6, 2018

So You Want to Be a Makeup Specialist

What is a Makeup Artist?

A makeup artist, or makeup specialist, is a professional who uses makeup products and other skin care products to enhance a person's appearance. They may work with celebrities, performers and regular people who want to enhance their look. A makeup specialist may work by themselves or with a team. A makeup artist may also work as an esthetician.

How to Become a Makeup Specialist

If you want to be a makeup specialist or esthetician, then you should have a love for makeup products and skin care products. You should also have a good understanding of skin care. Every state has different requirements for becoming a makeup specialist. Some states do not require a certification or license.

There are makeup training programs that last 300 to 600 hours. These programs typically take less than six months to complete.

Where Can I Work?

There are a variety of places that you can work if you are a makeup specialist. You can work in a beauty salon or day spa. You can also work in a department store or pharmacy. Additionally, you can work for a theatrical company.

Pros of Being a Makeup Specialist

Being a makeup specialist allows you to have fun while helping other people feel good about themselves. You also get to learn a lot about skin care. Additionally, you get the opportunity to work with people from different walks of life and have a flexible schedule. This can also be a lucrative career.

Cons of Being a Makeup Specialist

This is a competitive field, so you may have trouble building your brand or getting a job. You may also have trouble building a clientele.

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