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Posted on: October 25, 2015

The Great Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact Between Mother and Child


You must do certain things as a mother to properly care for a child after birth. One of these is certainly skin-to-skin contact. There are many great benefits of skin-to-skin contact that you should be aware of.

  A number of studies suggest that it is important for the mother and child to share skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth as well as later in the baby’s development. One of the reasons why is because very young infants have trouble maintaining a warm body temperature. In fact, the mother’s breasts have been shown to have the ability to help the baby adjust to the correct temperature. Amazingly, the breasts will either raise or lower the baby’s temperature based on what is needed at that moment.  

Skin-to-skin contact has also been shown to have other significant benefits. Babies that were given more skin-to-skin care were shown to have more stable heart beats, more healthy breathing patterns, quieter sleep and less digestion problems.   Skin-to-skin also promotes breast feeding. Children that experience skin-to-skin directly after birth breast feed from the mother sooner. They will also breast feed more often. This allows the baby to get more of the nutrients and vitamins needed for healthy development. As the child grows older, this will continue to pay dividends in a healthier child with a stronger immune system that is free of disease and developmental defects.   It can also have benefits for the mother as well. Increased skin-to-skin contact with a child can decrease the rates of postpartum depression in mothers and increase their feelings of well being. It increases the recovery speed after giving birth and can also lead to healthier blood pressure and less problems breast feeding.   Combined with good skin-care, there are a plethora of benefits of skin-to-skin contact. Beyond the health benefits, it can also strengthen your bond with your child. Every mother should certainly enjoy this bonding opportunity with her baby.

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